Ebay scum

The other day I bought a sony mobile off a seller in Hong Kong which was Chinese he thought I was not Chinese which I’m not Chinese after talking to him I gave up.
Today I came back with the help of google translate and a fake name Mr whoo moo called my self that which instantly clicked with him what I lent is the Chinese respect and look after each other so after a long arguement in Chinese he gave me a replacement and offer me a refund if I was not acting Chinese they would made a run for it like in the pass with a lot of other stuff off eBay in the pass so if you buy anything off eBay from Hong Kong or China just act Ur like Ur from china and they look after you or risk them and there scum and lies.


Ebay meanings


New  – This term describes a phone that should have never been activated on a wireless plan or used in any way. This should mean that the phone comes in the original box and will appear to be brand new.

Manufacturer Refurbished – This is a term that refers to a previously used phone that has been refurbished either by the manufacturer or by an authorized refurbisher. The phone should appear to be new and function like it is new. The parts internally or externally were most likely changed with brand new parts. Any phone purchased online however should include a warranty. Even Brand New phones sometimes have issues and you want to be assured in the unlikely event of an issue that you are covered.

Seller Refurbished – A lot of sellers online will sometimes replace various parts of a used phone to make it function or look nicer cosmetically. If parts of a phone were changed, the seller will generally list the phone as seller refurbished. Some examples of parts that may have been changed would include the LCD Screen, the outside housing of the phone, a keyboard, etc. These phones should be fully functional, but make sure the phone is backed by some sort of warranty. Any issues with the phone will almost always be recognized within 30 days of receiving the phone.

Used – A phone in used condition is just as stated. The phone will be previously used. The actual phone itself can range from Like New condition because the person who previously used the phone took very good care of it, or the phone can be in a more beat up condition. The seller should indicate the cosmetic condition of the phone in this condition. We rate our used phones from Like New condition to fair condition. Our “Good” condition phones are generally the best value since the phone will have some minor wear and tear. If you don’t mind a few nicks and scratches – you can save a lot of money by buying a phone in Used condition. These phones should also all be fully functional and include some sort of warranty or guarantee from defects in the unlikely event something were to go wrong. Generally you should be confident if the seller has a good feedback rating and provides a 30 day warranty.

Ex demo

Ex demo stuff means stuff that had been you or on display in the shops in most case can be discount and a great price as they have been touched by the customers some are used to test or turn on outher then that there new.

Asus google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google Nexus 7 Tablet by ASUS – 16G, Brown PN NEXUS7 ASUS-1B016A Review


The world’s 1st Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet, with a 7″ quad-core tablet that delivers an advanced multimedia experience with up to 9.5* hours of battery life. World’s best NFC experience on a tablet with a textured tactile design for enhanced comfort measuring just 10.45mm thin and 340g light. ASUS TruVivid technology with Corning Fit Glass for improved color clarity and scratch resistance. 178 wide-viewing angle IPS display ensures unrivaled visual acuity. PN NEXUS7 ASUS-1B016A.


Operating System AndroidTM 4.1
Display 7″ WXGA (1280×800) Screen
IPS Panel
10 finger multi-touch support
CPU NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 T30L Quad-Core @1.2Ghz
Memory 1GB
Storage 16GB
Wireless Data Network WLAN 802.11 b/g/n@2.4GHz
Camera 1.2 MP Front Camera
Interface Headset Jack,
1x micro-USB, 2x Digital microphone,2x High Quality Speakers,
1x Docking PIN
Sensor G-Sensor, Light Sensor, Gyroscope,
E-compass, GPS, NFC, Hall Sensor
Battery 9.5 hours, 4325mAh,
16Wh Li-polymer
Dimensions 198.5 x 120 x 10.45 mm
Weight 340 g
Note Battery life may vary by use. Stated battery life measured by playing 720p video at 100 nits brightness, with an external microphone, Wi-Fi turned on, Gmail logged in.





Let’s start  by say it’s been a long time since I blogged about tablet’s as I have been really busy well here a surprise I manage to get my hands on a Asus nexus 7 tablet to start off the screens is really good well runs most games I throw at it with smoothness and no lag .

cpu wise the quad core NVidia cpu pack a real punch in most bench marks it is equals head to head with the htc one x.

Ram wise 1gig it handle most games without a hitch or lag which can piss a lot of people off.

Storage  is 16gig I manage to put about 200 apps on it back what this thing lacks is a sd card which would really hit the sweet spot for most people as for me I like running my apps off a sd card which clears the bottle necks in the cpu and ram.

Camera was really disappointed don’t get me wrong hey the 1.2 mega pixel take really good pics but could of don’t with a rear faceing camera to.

Sound speaker wise I think the speakers in these give some lap tops speakers a run for their money sounds really lond good bass and voice tones .

Operating  system Android jelly bean 4.1 out of the box.

Asus just rolled out a android 4.2 for it a few weeks back


My thoughts

For a cheap a tablet that lack a sd card slot and a rear camera I think it worth a try you wont be disappointed the speed of the cpu and cpu will make you think your on high end tablet for it price the add on I recommend are the asus genuine nexus 7 full body case and a screen protector and your set for the road.


I give this about a 7/10 due to lack of sd card and rear camera .

Samsung galaxy note 2 review


This has been a very long wait for this this review sorry guys no videos as my camera guys gone back to Vietnam to visit his family not to worry I do the review and  might post a video blog anyways what we are really here for is the note 2 well everyone know I get my phones and tablet’s a few months before Australia does as I got mates over in Hong Kong and Singapore I got the note 2 for about  a week now my finding are positive its amazing everything I throw at it run smooth with the quad core cpu it kills my htc one x that I got in the bench mark department  easy kill actually on the cpu and gpu test sound is average the speaker Phone a bitch to use sometimes very hard to hear and if your planning to use a hand free kit the volume on full in your ear really small same with the music player in it the s pen touch is really accurate and sharp the case can be scratch very easy put 2 scratches in it on the first week I suggest u get a case for it and a screen protector as for the stranded stuff .Also I upgrade mine from 16 to 80gig sd card heaps of space for my music and apps.

Ebay Fraudsters The List Goes on Name And Shame


Hi everyone what my research has lead me to name and shame these people from ebay these guys trade under a stack of names and make a runner once u try claim warranty or don’t answer any emails or contact u these are the top ebayers on ebay



Perfect Mission Australia & buybuybox.com.au & Oz.Online2 are all the same crowd, please do not buy from them.



Second is 7272will these guys have very poor customer service and don’t care

Paul Tong (supposed manager of RMA Department, named by 7272wil in an email)
William Tong (found in comments here: http://whereisdarran.com/2009/05/the-7272wil-experience/comment-page-1/)

Wai L Tong (name business was registered under)
Names of businesses associated with “Wai L Tong”
tandomobile (from same comment as above)
Also possible is E-ZONE MOBILE, unless that business is run by a different Wai Tong (found in the Business register, link in my previous post)
PO Box address for business:
PO Box 294,
Strawberry Hills,
NSW 2012, Australia
wrong these guys are based in hong kong goods are sent from hong kong not Sydney Australia I have been to this address and have ask that post office not the name it says or owner beware of these guys. if anyone has any dealings with these guys i would like to hear from you leve a comment



Translink Brisbane QLD

Hi there lets start with poor service of translink has anyone tried to call them lately well i have i waited on hold for over a hour just to make a complaint about there bus service only to find out the kept putting me on hold then when i got though the person on the other side was very rude asking me who do you think you are to complain about the service of bcc bus services i told her i was standing at mater hill waiting over a hour and half only to find out the bus went pass everyone was hailing the bus it didn’t bother to stop to pick up passengers this happens alot with the bus that come out of willawong depot in Brisbane then the lady at translink went to me for safety reason please don’t hail the bus it should stop for you well translink how does the bus stop when you say don’t hail the bus that I don’t get then she went on about how the council bus services is the world best come on there on time performance is like 88% but in there ads around town say there 99% on time performance .

pebble smart watch review


Manufacture Pebble technology

Type smartwatch

Introductory price Kickstarter backers: USD 115

Pre-orders: USD 150

Retail: USD 150 Pebble Steel: 250

Units sold                            ~300K

Operating system

Pebble OS, customized FreeRTOS.[1] Can communicate with Android and iOS apps using Bluetooth. Pebble OS is closed source.

Power 7 days (assuming ~20-30 notifications a day, and a per-minute updating watch face.)


STM32F205RE Cortex M3 CPU

Memory RAM between 64kb and 128KB

Storage 8 app/watch faces (1024KB Flash Memory)

Display  144 × 168 pixel E-ink display [2]

Graphics              1 bit

Sound                   No sound

Input                     4 buttons

3-axis accelerometer with gesture detection

Magnetometer and ambient light sensor [1]

Camera No camera

Connectivity Bluetooth 2.1 (default), 4.0 (used for iOS 7 notifications) + EDR

Dimensions 50.33 mm (1.981 in) H

32 mm (1.3 in) W

8.44 mm (0.332 in) D [3]

WeightPebble: 1.34oz Pebble steel: 1.97oz (with default watchband attached)



IPhone and Android

Successor Pebble Steel

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Let start by say it took me a very long time to chase one these down as it was on limited release so I had to wait before it hit the shops anyways so far my experience with the pebble has been very positive runs on both my iPhone 4s and my Samsung note 2 without any problem’s I got this watch because it runs on both phone and android un like there Samsung and Sony ones only run on android and the Samsung one runs only on a note 3 and galaxy s2 .it very easy use just connect and pair it to the phone in my case the iPhone 4 then get on the app store then get the pebble apps to get the watch faces battery life about 7 days what was really bad and can be tricky is the magnet charger keeps falling off and putt it back on the watch other then that it very good .




Battery life