Ebay Fraudsters The List Goes on Name And Shame


Hi everyone what my research has lead me to name and shame these people from ebay these guys trade under a stack of names and make a runner once u try claim warranty or don’t answer any emails or contact u these are the top ebayers on ebay



Perfect Mission Australia & buybuybox.com.au & Oz.Online2 are all the same crowd, please do not buy from them.



Second is 7272will these guys have very poor customer service and don’t care

Paul Tong (supposed manager of RMA Department, named by 7272wil in an email)
William Tong (found in comments here: http://whereisdarran.com/2009/05/the-7272wil-experience/comment-page-1/)

Wai L Tong (name business was registered under)
Names of businesses associated with “Wai L Tong”
tandomobile (from same comment as above)
Also possible is E-ZONE MOBILE, unless that business is run by a different Wai Tong (found in the Business register, link in my previous post)
PO Box address for business:
PO Box 294,
Strawberry Hills,
NSW 2012, Australia
wrong these guys are based in hong kong goods are sent from hong kong not Sydney Australia I have been to this address and have ask that post office not the name it says or owner beware of these guys. if anyone has any dealings with these guys i would like to hear from you leve a comment




2 thoughts on “Ebay Fraudsters The List Goes on Name And Shame

  1. Reggie Turner says:

    Purchased a camera from oz.online2 via EBay. Lens stopped opening after a few months. Sent it back (to Hong Kong). First, they had to send it back to service dept a second time. Second, found fault with circuit board, not covered by warrenty. Will fix if I pay $50.00.
    Asked them to send it back to me. No response yet.



  2. Sojo says:

    I bought a tablet from 7272wil late 2014. It arrived OK but in Jan 15 it stopped working. After much confusion and delay the seller arranged for it to be picked up by Toll couriers. Their records show it arriving in Hong Kong in Feb 15. It is now late July and it has not been returned. The seller usually responded to my inquires but always with excuses. Now he doesn’t even bother telling lies and simply doesn’t respond. Don’t use them. I


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