pebble smart watch review


Manufacture Pebble technology

Type smartwatch

Introductory price Kickstarter backers: USD 115

Pre-orders: USD 150

Retail: USD 150 Pebble Steel: 250

Units sold                            ~300K

Operating system

Pebble OS, customized FreeRTOS.[1] Can communicate with Android and iOS apps using Bluetooth. Pebble OS is closed source.

Power 7 days (assuming ~20-30 notifications a day, and a per-minute updating watch face.)


STM32F205RE Cortex M3 CPU

Memory RAM between 64kb and 128KB

Storage 8 app/watch faces (1024KB Flash Memory)

Display  144 × 168 pixel E-ink display [2]

Graphics              1 bit

Sound                   No sound

Input                     4 buttons

3-axis accelerometer with gesture detection

Magnetometer and ambient light sensor [1]

Camera No camera

Connectivity Bluetooth 2.1 (default), 4.0 (used for iOS 7 notifications) + EDR

Dimensions 50.33 mm (1.981 in) H

32 mm (1.3 in) W

8.44 mm (0.332 in) D [3]

WeightPebble: 1.34oz Pebble steel: 1.97oz (with default watchband attached)



IPhone and Android

Successor Pebble Steel

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Let start by say it took me a very long time to chase one these down as it was on limited release so I had to wait before it hit the shops anyways so far my experience with the pebble has been very positive runs on both my iPhone 4s and my Samsung note 2 without any problem’s I got this watch because it runs on both phone and android un like there Samsung and Sony ones only run on android and the Samsung one runs only on a note 3 and galaxy s2 .it very easy use just connect and pair it to the phone in my case the iPhone 4 then get on the app store then get the pebble apps to get the watch faces battery life about 7 days what was really bad and can be tricky is the magnet charger keeps falling off and putt it back on the watch other then that it very good .




Battery life




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