Ebay meanings


New  – This term describes a phone that should have never been activated on a wireless plan or used in any way. This should mean that the phone comes in the original box and will appear to be brand new.

Manufacturer Refurbished – This is a term that refers to a previously used phone that has been refurbished either by the manufacturer or by an authorized refurbisher. The phone should appear to be new and function like it is new. The parts internally or externally were most likely changed with brand new parts. Any phone purchased online however should include a warranty. Even Brand New phones sometimes have issues and you want to be assured in the unlikely event of an issue that you are covered.

Seller Refurbished – A lot of sellers online will sometimes replace various parts of a used phone to make it function or look nicer cosmetically. If parts of a phone were changed, the seller will generally list the phone as seller refurbished. Some examples of parts that may have been changed would include the LCD Screen, the outside housing of the phone, a keyboard, etc. These phones should be fully functional, but make sure the phone is backed by some sort of warranty. Any issues with the phone will almost always be recognized within 30 days of receiving the phone.

Used – A phone in used condition is just as stated. The phone will be previously used. The actual phone itself can range from Like New condition because the person who previously used the phone took very good care of it, or the phone can be in a more beat up condition. The seller should indicate the cosmetic condition of the phone in this condition. We rate our used phones from Like New condition to fair condition. Our “Good” condition phones are generally the best value since the phone will have some minor wear and tear. If you don’t mind a few nicks and scratches – you can save a lot of money by buying a phone in Used condition. These phones should also all be fully functional and include some sort of warranty or guarantee from defects in the unlikely event something were to go wrong. Generally you should be confident if the seller has a good feedback rating and provides a 30 day warranty.

Ex demo

Ex demo stuff means stuff that had been you or on display in the shops in most case can be discount and a great price as they have been touched by the customers some are used to test or turn on outher then that there new.


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