Samsung galaxy note 2 review


This has been a very long wait for this this review sorry guys no videos as my camera guys gone back to Vietnam to visit his family not to worry I do the review and  might post a video blog anyways what we are really here for is the note 2 well everyone know I get my phones and tablet’s a few months before Australia does as I got mates over in Hong Kong and Singapore I got the note 2 for about  a week now my finding are positive its amazing everything I throw at it run smooth with the quad core cpu it kills my htc one x that I got in the bench mark department  easy kill actually on the cpu and gpu test sound is average the speaker Phone a bitch to use sometimes very hard to hear and if your planning to use a hand free kit the volume on full in your ear really small same with the music player in it the s pen touch is really accurate and sharp the case can be scratch very easy put 2 scratches in it on the first week I suggest u get a case for it and a screen protector as for the stranded stuff .Also I upgrade mine from 16 to 80gig sd card heaps of space for my music and apps.


Ebay Fraudsters The List Goes on Name And Shame


Hi everyone what my research has lead me to name and shame these people from ebay these guys trade under a stack of names and make a runner once u try claim warranty or don’t answer any emails or contact u these are the top ebayers on ebay



Perfect Mission Australia & & Oz.Online2 are all the same crowd, please do not buy from them.



Second is 7272will these guys have very poor customer service and don’t care

Paul Tong (supposed manager of RMA Department, named by 7272wil in an email)
William Tong (found in comments here:

Wai L Tong (name business was registered under)
Names of businesses associated with “Wai L Tong”
tandomobile (from same comment as above)
Also possible is E-ZONE MOBILE, unless that business is run by a different Wai Tong (found in the Business register, link in my previous post)
PO Box address for business:
PO Box 294,
Strawberry Hills,
NSW 2012, Australia
wrong these guys are based in hong kong goods are sent from hong kong not Sydney Australia I have been to this address and have ask that post office not the name it says or owner beware of these guys. if anyone has any dealings with these guys i would like to hear from you leve a comment